Create RBAC Role for Account Administrators

I had a requirement to give other administrators the ability to manage the Lync users in their department.  Our departments are contained in separate OUs which lends itself to using the Lync RBAC roles. Reference Role-Based Access Control For this task I granted CSUserAdministrator rights to an administrator over a specific OU.  The CSUserAdministrator role […]

Lync 2010 licensing and enforcing it via conference policy

Following are two Conferencing Policies which will enfore the features available to either a Standard CAL or Enterprise CAL user. One issue I ran into was the Standard CAL user did not see Desktop sharing when attending a conference created by an Enterprise CAL user.  Luckily this post on Lync Server Forums helped me out.  […]

Hello world!

Hello All, My first post on blog.  The intention of this blog is to share my experiences with Lync; the practical stuff you need to know when installing and configuring Lync.  Most of my content and knowledge comes from other sources which I re-word and re-work into something that makes sense to me.  References to sources […]