How did I enable Call Admission Control (CAC)

For this task I wanted to enable CAC so that I could see utilization statistics as well as look into controlling bandwith for 1 site. Following are basic steps I followed to get it working. Please follow these steps at your own risk.

1. Get all of your Regions, Sites, and Subnets configured. All Subnets must be associated to a Site.
If you want it to mirror your AD sites/subnets then I suggest taking a look at this script:

2. Enable Call Admission Control for your Lync site using Topology Builder and assign to your Front End pool. Two new services will be configured on your Front End servers. Make sure they are started.

3. Enable Call Admission Control on Global Network Configuration policy.
a. Use LSCP: network Configuration, Global, Global, Edit, and check box for “Enable call admission control“, commit

Cmdlet: Set-CsNetworkConfiguration -EnableBandwidthPolicyCheck 1

4. In order to collect statistics to be generated for all of your Sites create a “Global Bandwidth Policy” which will be applied to all Sites. Use large numbers for this so as not to inadvertently have CAC applied when not wanted. Use LSCP or Cmdlet.

New-CsNetworkBandwidthPolicyProfile -Identity “Global Bandwidth Policy” -AudioBWLimit 20000 -AudioBWSessionLimit 5000 -VideoBWLimit 20000 -VideoBWSessionLimit 5000

5. Apply this policy to all Sites:

get-csnetworksite | Set-CsNetworkSite -BWPolicyProfileID "Global Bandwidth Policy"

6. Run the Bandwidth Policy Service Monitor utility (Resource Kit) from a Front End server and you should see live statistics on your utilization.

7. Enabled logging:

Set-CsBandwidthPolicyServiceConfiguration -EnableLogging $true

This will enable logging and place log files in the PDP folder of your Lync file store. You will then be able to make use of the Bandwidth Utilization Analyzer from the resource kit. \\\LyncShare\1-ApplicationServer-1\AppServerFiles\PDP


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